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The Urban Movement from Teens to Booms

Active Movement for Active Lifestyle
Active Lifestyle for Active Personnel

COLISY™ Gives You the Active Outdoor GYM system for the Perfect Workout.

“New Urban Series” is our new Outdoor Fitness Equipment which incorporates with Simple Stylish Design.
Our designer has been trying very hard in the innovation of each piece.
All equipments are user friendly and easy to control;
COLISY™ hope to provide a new workout experience for anyone who enjoys exercise.
Outdoor Fitness is starting to become a workout trend globally.
Today you can see Outdoor Fitness Equipment in Asia, Europe, America, Australia, and Africa.
Green Peace topic has been an important issue all over the world for years.
One of the main reasons to use Outdoor Fitness Equipment is that it’s electrical free machine. We can save energy while energizing ourselves.

We are THRILLED that it will be coming out SOON.
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COLISY® won 2012 TaiSPO ALL STARS— Innovation's Stage of Excellence Competition

Progress takes time. Excellence takes courage. COLISY’s CIRVE Series has won 2012 TaiSPO All Stars—Innovation’s Stage of Excellence Competition. The CIRVE Series was awarded as one of the best 14 best innovative products of the year. To get more information, please visit our site http://www.colisy.comRelated linkwww.colisy.com



COLISY® Outdoor Fitness Equipment

The next generation outdoor gym system:
Introducing "The CIRVE™ Series."

The CIRVE™ Series is a perfectly-designed outdoor workout kit. The easy-to-use functions of "The CIRVE™ Series" give users an exceptional Real Outdoor Fitness Experience™.
Discover what The CIRVE Series has to offer, visit http://www.colisy.com



Welcome! We are Community Lifestyle Co. Ltd.

Passion, Style, Innovation since 2004
Community Lifestyle Company LTD was established in 2004, we promote outdoor fitness exercise to everyplace in Taiwan and facilitate public to access fitness equipments. This offers senior citizen an alternative life style and leads public to a healthy development.
A young and energetic team is moving forward, leading our brand in outdoor fitness equipment industry.